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MomtoMax 08-24-2021 04:47 PM

Re: Newbie needing help

I just found out MY Alphatrack will not be delivered until Friday, and I'll be on my beach weekend. Do you know how much the One Touch costs along with strips?


Riliey and Mo 08-24-2021 05:49 PM

Re: Newbie needing help
i paid about $100 back in 2012. call your local pharmacy.

i think theres meters here. ask around. maybe Natalie has one to overnight ship to you.

i think he,ll be okay for 6 more days!

MomtoMax 08-25-2021 07:37 AM

Re: Newbie needing help
Thanks! I think I'm just going to wait until Monday. I doubt my husband would be willing to learn his first curve without me being there anyway...

MomtoMax 08-25-2021 12:58 PM

Re: Newbie needing help
Some good news! My Alphatrack will be coming in tomorrow, so I will be able to get some readings before I leave for the beach on Friday! Not a curve, but he hasn't been read since since Tuesday, so it'll give me a bit more piece of mind!


MomtoMax 08-26-2021 02:29 PM

Re: Newbie needing help
I've hit a roadblock with the AlphaTrack. We've stabbed him at least 20 times today, and I keep getting an Er1. He is no where near Hypo based on his behavior! A couple of times he didn't bleed much, but a few times he most certainly did! Do you think it could be the meter has a bad board? I'll try again tomorrow, but I'm seriously thinking this is a bad meter...

Donna and poor pin-cushion, Max (who is so damn good about it, it makes me cry...)

Riliey and Mo 08-26-2021 05:21 PM

Re: Newbie needing help

thats a link to instructions just to check.

did you code the meter same as code on the test strips? think i used 35 and 36

oh Max what a trooper. it could be a dud meter.

also check the customer reviews where you bought it.Amazon, ask a question on amazon?
phone mfg of the alphatrack.

i turned the meter on , then took out a strip put it i the meter, then took the lancet poked his innerlip, then put the test strip into the blood droplet.

i.ll keep lookingfor an answer.

Riliey and Mo 08-26-2021 05:58 PM

Re: Newbie needing help
okay this might work for error codes alphatrack

take out the battery then put itback in

replace the battery .. its a Cr2032.

some meters sold are old and might this.

MomtoMax 08-31-2021 09:30 AM

Re: Newbie needing help
So I am back from my long weekend and my husband could not get a reading from the Alphatrack over the weekend. I think Iím going to send it back for a replacementÖ We put a Libre sensor on him and itís been reading in the high 400ís. I called the vet (the one who diagnosed him is out due to complications from pregnancy), so I talked to a new vet about raising his Vetsulin to 6 units instead of 5, but she didnít want to do that yet. She asked me all the standard questions: Did I refrigerate it, yes. Am I feeding first with insulin right after, yes. Am I rolling it, yes. How are you rolling it, I described how Dr. G showed us placing the bottle between our hands, top to bottom and rolling. She said, oh no, thatís not how you do it. You must roll it in your hands with the bottle on its side. So her answer was not to increase the insulin, but go get a new bottle, which my husband is doing now, and to only administer after rolling sideways. Does this make sense, as it does not to me???
Thank you for any help.

Riliey and Mo 08-31-2021 12:57 PM

Re: Newbie needing help
i.m assuming you took out the battery and put it back or replaced it

after all that bottle bs did anyone ask you to bring him in to be tested?

MomtoMax 08-31-2021 01:10 PM

Re: Newbie needing help
I did take out the battery and put it back in. I did not replace it...

Nope, she did not mention re-testing, just wanted to sell me a new bottle I guess...

I'll give her the benefit of doubt and give him his evening insulin from the new bottle and will send her a curve tomorrow, but I think it's going to make zero difference, to be honest...


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