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jim maceri 12-15-2011 02:02 PM

Re: Spirit-Newfoundland
That's funny....because it is what MJ said.....they do have stores.

Our plans are to go to naples first, then key west, orlando, St. Augustine and finally Destin. We will head north again the first week of March (or later I hope) so we can avoid the heavy snow season.

Just got back from the Vet and he also said with the kind of charts I gave him the fructosomine test would only confirm what I already know so we ended up getting a CBC with Triglycerides Panel. That should actually be back on Friday and he is going to email it to me so I can print and take with us.

We're pulling out a week from Friday.

Abby's Mom 12-15-2011 03:48 PM

Re: Spirit-Newfoundland

Originally Posted by jim maceri (Post 63827)
That's funny....because it is what MJ said.....they do have stores.

Women are so logical!

jim maceri 12-15-2011 04:44 PM

Re: Spirit-Newfoundland

Originally Posted by tiggys grandma (Post 63822)
When we went on vacation this summer it was crazy how much stuff I took for one little dog!! But like Patty said, better to be prepared!!

Agree with jessegirl, frutisomine is really a waste of money. It will only give you an average of what his numbers have been, and you can do that yourself with the numbers you have for him. I'd use the money for more test strips!!


I can't even tell MJ how many test strips I ordered.......Since I use the alpha trak, strips are usually more than a buck apiece. I found american diabetes, I think, thru amazon that had a special of $59 per container of 50 instead of $69 ....I ordered 6 so now I have to head them off at the door or she will REALLY think I'm nuts. I did get free shipping by ordering so many so in my mind it's justified!!:D I know, I know....I'm just being silly about this.

Patty 12-15-2011 06:59 PM

Re: Spirit-Newfoundland
Ha! That's funny, Jim.

You know...just to support your buying of the chicken ahead of time, for example. Some frozen chicken packages have a solution that includes sugar in them. Good to stock up on the brand you know you can get and works for him. ;)

jim maceri 12-16-2011 01:42 PM

Re: Spirit-Newfoundland
All the test results came back today and Spirit is in the normal range white & red blood counts, thyroid is normal, hypothyroid panel normal, T4 was 2.1 right in the middle of the normal values, liver normal ect.....

They did do a fructosomine test (didn't charge me) and it was 403 (400 is good regulation) but he said there was "hemolysis" present in the blood...Since he left all this on my answering machine I don't know what that is but I will look it up. The note on the lab work say that if Hemolysis is present the value can be up to 150% higher than normal. His BG was at 215 but that is most likely because they took him back in the kennel area where the other dogs are and drew the blood so I expected it to be high. He is not a big fan of that area since that is where they kenneled him and he DOES NOT like to be in a kennel.

So anyway, all is good and it's nice to have the test results prior to leaving.

jim maceri 12-16-2011 01:49 PM

Re: Spirit-Newfoundland
Hemolysis is the rupturing of red blood cells. The vet did call and he indicated that this is certainly nothing to be concerned about and happens in lab work from time to time. He is "betting" that the fructosomine test was actually lower than 403 based on my curves and charts.

ozzi 12-16-2011 05:04 PM

Re: Spirit-Newfoundland

You are right about the definition of hemolysis. It usually happens for one of two reasons: the technique in drawing the blood or shaking the vial more vigorously than it should. It's very common in humans as well, and doesn't mean anything concerning.


jim maceri 12-21-2011 01:25 PM

Re: Spirit-Newfoundland
Have others found that the injection site CAN have an effect on absorption of insulin and effectiveness? I've been tracking where I give him injections and the spots I am using right now are the scruff of the neck, the flank area and at the recommendation of my vets tech, his rump area. Of course I am making a good "tent" and going in at 45 degrees but it seems that when I inject in his rump he runs higher numbers throughout the day.

Is this just particular to each dog or have others noticed this also. I have yet to try the side of his chest because when he lost so much weight he doesn't have much skin to pull up in that area and he doesn't seem to like to be "pinched" there so I am avoiding it.

I've read the info on injection sites here on the forum and on the BD site. Just curious......

Judi 12-21-2011 01:35 PM

Re: Spirit-Newfoundland
Jim: I've noticed Jenny absorbs better and needs less insulin on the flank vs. the scruff. I've never tried her rump!

I kind of use that since she has been having her lows in the mornings. I've been doing her 6pm injection closer to the scruff

Patty 12-21-2011 02:43 PM

Re: Spirit-Newfoundland
I think in general, the thinner the area and more circulation that's present to the location you're using the better the absorption is.

Ali absorbs better from her side (over her ribs) than the scruff. And the closer to her belly I am vs. higher toward the spine the faster her absorption seems to be.

Injecting in the subQ but over a major muscle area can cause quicker (and sometimes more erratic depending on activity level) absorption in some as well because of the increased activity of the area and therefore increased circulation.

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