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sherryandfred 05-15-2014 09:28 AM

Re: My Monster Vinny
so happy to hear vinny is doing better..good boy vinny

Grayson 05-15-2014 12:17 PM

Re: My Monster Vinny
That's wonderful...good boy Vinny! Don't stress out your momma like that again because she worries so much when you aren't feeling well - just like all of us dog parents do. Keep getting better now...

That's cute that your other dog has been monitoring what goes into his brothers bowl and staging a hunger strike for equal benefits...:p sounds like a good union shop they run there. You have to get equal pay for equal doggy work! :D

ceruleanblue 05-15-2014 03:39 PM

Re: My Monster Vinny
Yay! Glad Vinny is feeling better!

xpaeanx 05-15-2014 04:32 PM

Re: My Monster Vinny
Glad to hear Vinny is feeling better!!! :)

That's funny about the equal rights protest. HaHa. Sometimes Keeda will only eat if I mix in something I take from a tupperware out of the fridge. They know. LOL.

Rubytuesday 05-15-2014 08:31 PM

Re: My Monster Vinny
Hi Mel, Just seeing now that Vinny was not feeling well. Glad to hear he is able to eat and hopefully it all stays down.

Labs:rolleyes:, gotta love them! Throwing up one second and counter surfing the next. Sure do miss my Maggie.


Monsters Momma 05-21-2014 02:56 AM

Re: My Monster Vinny
Vinny is sick again. :( This time he doesn't really want to eat. I'm wondering if he has a tooth that is bothering him. Would that make him throw up?

And how is it his bg is better when he's sick? It's 161 this morning!

ceruleanblue 05-21-2014 03:15 AM

Re: My Monster Vinny
I'm sorry Vinny's sick again! I hope you can figure out what's wrong. It's strange that his BG is still low, but I guess that's good, just be careful with how much insulin he gets without eating.

amydunn19 05-21-2014 03:33 AM

Re: My Monster Vinny
Did you guys rule out pancreatitis last time?

Monsters Momma 05-21-2014 03:50 AM

Re: My Monster Vinny
No we didn't Amy. At least not with an ultrasound or any other testing. The vet only said that Vinny wasn't showing signs of being in pain in his tummy. I'll be calling again this morning as soon as they open and asking about that specifically.

I looked up symptoms online, but if you have any input please let me know. Vinny really doesn't act sick, but dogs rarely do until they are really sick! :(

amydunn19 05-21-2014 06:12 AM

Re: My Monster Vinny
There is a blood test - I wouldn't go to an ultrasound just yet. There are two types of pancreatitis - chronic and acute. The name of the test is SPECcPL. Pancreatitis can be present without the obvious signs and I would rule it out before exploring other things. If the vet mistakenly diagnoses it as gastritis, it can be made worse by the treatment.

Hope he feels better soon.

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