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Default Newly diabetic pug - HELP!


My 12 year old baby boy has just been diagnosed as diabetic. It's not under control yet as despite 2 X 3ml injections of insulin daily, he's still drinking to excess and is peeing gallons. We've been told he can only have two meals a day, with his injections. This is proving impossible for him and us as a few hours after his first meal, he's yapping loudly and continuously for food. This goes on all day long until his evening meal. We are at the end of our last nerves with the continual yapping, not to mention he thinks we're being mean to him.

He's also mostly blind and needs carrying up and down stairs, so I'm up half the night taking him for a pee. I'm feeling unwell through lack of sleep and the stress of him yapping all the time.

What can we do ? I can't cope with this!
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