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Default Re: Newly diabetic pug - HELP!

We were diagnosed (Max my Corgi) and me his caregiver about the same time. While I don’t have Max under control by any stretch, I do understand a lot more about this trying condition! You really need to do more frequent curves to understand what he reacts to, and BTW, stress is a big one easily felt thru you! If you haven’t read it, “The other end of the Leash” taught me a lot in dealing with my rescued GSD who was probably ex-military or a peace officer’s dog based on training received before we adopted him. He has PTSD and I’ve read a LOT about this in dogs…
I don’t recommend home cooking either as you are stressed out enough about cooking for yourself, let alone your dog… Diets need to be balanced and this, in cooking for a dog, is way more difficult than cooking for a person, IMHO. That said, you can add fresh foods to your dog’s kibble! And I’ve found this can make a big difference in BG numbers! I feed Acana Heritage meats, which is grain free. I also add grated zucchini and baked, skinless chicken breast to his kibble. He’s done really well with this, but PLEASE pass it by your vet before you choice to go this route as you6’re now looking at Ketoacidosis!
If you do really want to do the total home cooked diet, please consult a professional! One suggestion would be Monica Segal as I trust her, she’s has a background and a degree in animal nutrition.
Hang in there!
Donna and Max the Corgi
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