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Default Re: Newly diabetic pug - HELP!

my vet tested at 6pm once a week. one test a week is wrong. no testing when first diagnosed is wrong.

congratulations on getting your first test done. your dog will thank you.

you need to get his blood sugar down then the peeing and barking and lifting will be over.

i wouldbe inclined to take him to a vet asap if you cant do a curve yourself. itsokay lots dont do curves a home.

469 is too high for too long and i.m sorry your stresed asi was too. he needs to get below 250 to avoid organ damage thats why i.m suggesting you takehim to the vet.

for now keep testing. you got this!!!!!

i just read your doing a curve tomorrow thats great....tomorrow you can raise his insulin 1 unit if all goes well with curve and there is No really low numbers

please post it.
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