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Default Re: Understanding Pepper's Juvenile Diabetes

The remainder of our day went as follows...

4pm 574
6pm 368
8pm 413
8:30 Fed 1 1/4 cup food (which she ate about 1/2 of her food)
9:30 3 units of insulin

I have several more questions but my brain needs more time to process your responses.

Originally Posted by Lieder2 View Post
Doing a curve today with Pepper. How quickly does insulin change her blood sugar levels? Maybe that is not a fair question. Her fasting blood sugar was 365 and has climbed steadily all day. Granted, she has eaten all day today.

8am Fasting 365
8am she ate 1/3 of her food (offered 1 1/4 cup food)
9:30 she ate 1/2 of her food (total of what was offered)
9:30 2 units of insulin
10am 381
12 noon 450
1pm she ate the rest of her food
2pm 471

She will not be fed again until 8pm this evening so I am curious what her blood sugar does. Am I doing the curve correctly? The vet asked me to raise her insulin another unit, bring her in on Tuesday to make sure her meter is set accurately, and they want an accurate weight for her. Oh my this girl!!! It is a good thing she is cute!!!
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