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Default Re: Levemir?

UPDATE from previous post

10:23PM last night BG was 25.3 / 455 so I gave Mocca 4 units Levemir since I did not give her any shot at dinner because reading was 2.8 / 50 at that time

8:10AM this morning BG was 26.4 / 475 so I can only assume things were relatively stable overnight. Based on this reading, I gave her 5 units Levemir and only gave her half her breakfast and will give her the other half in an hour or so to keep the feeding spike(s) minimal. From reading, it takes 4 or 5 hours for the injection effectiveness to "ramp up" to its plateau level.

I feel that we are starting to reduce the swings and getting a handle on a uniform quantity which seem to be in the 5 unit range, maybe a bit more, we'll see throughout the day.

Thanks for all replies, we are flying blind and forums like this are a great help.

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