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Default Out of control barking!

My dog Max is diabetic and this forum has been a great resource for me. Even though this post is not related to his diabetes I was hoping someone here may have some advice for me. Max is a terrier and as you would expect is a barker, but his barking and "screaming" goes way beyond the norm. When he sees another animal he gets so excited that he becomes uncontrollable and begins to shriek and scream. I have tried exposing him to other animals more in hopes he would calm down but it seems to have gotten worse. He gets walked daily and is rarely left alone. Its so bad that other animals get defensive (I understand why) and Im worried that it will cause him to be attacked when we are out walking. Any advice would be appreciated....
Max is a 17lb terrier mix. Born 1/2014.
Diagnosed diabetic 3/2018.
8 units Novolin N twice a day.
Nature's Recipe Grain Free
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