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Default Re: New member looking for advice

Have had a similar experience with better sugar with an older vial compared to new . Some have said the opposite . My theory is the insulin may become more potent as there becomes less in the vial . Maybe the mixing isn't up to par and maybe more diluted in the beginning . Make sure your mixing properly .

Now another thought it takes time for a new vial to settle in . Kind of like giving a new amount of insulin where it takes a bit of time for the body to adapt and settle into a new dose . It maybe the same for a new vial of insulin . Usually for my Jesse after about a week her numbers would settle back down to where they were previously after using a new vial of insulin So I would hold onto a vial as long as I could to keep the numbers consistent . I could keep a vial up to 3 months

The eye problems are a bummer and some of the complications that K9 diabetics may experience

I am not one to wait on important medical procedures just because blood sugar regulation isnt that great . I dont think it play that much of a factor and the medical condition a dog maybe experiencing maybe causing the problem with getting better regulation . My Jesse had surgery with very high blood sugar and she healed up fine but that was my experiance

Hope you can figure out the eye problems and with that you maybe be able to improve blood sugar
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