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Default Re: New member looking for advice

Thank you both!

Yes, I was wondering if she's getting too much food. The vet keeps saying to feed her more, because she's lost some weight since this all began, but I think that may be mostly from muscle loss, to be expected with less strenuous activity recently. She's currently up to about 1200 calories per day, which seems like a lot for a 38lb dog who's now pretty inactive. That said, she's not gaining any weight with that much food either. It's a mix of Ketona dry food (high protein/low carb), Purina One grain free pate (mostly just turkey and ground venison) and Rachel Ray wet (lamb with some vegetables). We've settled on this because she gobbles it up, whereas before it was a challenge to get her to eat consistently, so I'm wary of changing it up.

Eye drops are pred sulfate and an NSAID in the good eye (to keep lens induced uveitis at bay), and an antibiotic ointment for the glaucoma eye which has a little ulcer. She's also on 75mg/day of Carprofen NSAID.

The test unit is called Test Buddy. I have wondered how accurate it is, as I tested my own blood haha, and it read higher than I know I am, but I'm not sure it that means much. Should I consider getting a new test unit?

We've done 2 lab blood glucose tests so far, and they both came back similar to the meter, maybe a little lower, around 450 a couple hours after meals. Also a fructosamine test that just said she was poorly regulated.

Injecting around the hip area.

Her eyes seem to be improving a bit, but the one with glaucoma still looks pretty bad. It didn't test too high for pressure tho, 9 vs 7 in the other eye, and the eye doctor mentioned something that may have occurred that's basically "nature doing it's own glaucoma surgery", but didn't really elaborate. She did say for now Bella likely isn't in pain, or in any immediate concern for worsening. My guess is we'll end up removing the bad eye, and treating the other one with meds.

Lastly, we have an appointment for an ultrasound and consult with an internist this week. Hoping this sheds some light on things.

In the mean time, it's good to hear that going up from 17 units is a reasonable plan. The vet keeps mentioning she's reaching the upper limit, but I've read varying numbers as far as what that is as far as units/body weight. Perhaps the internist will have more info about that.

Thanks again!!

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