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Default Re: Newly Diagnosed Pup- need advice!

my jesse also was dka and had pancreatitis . her muzzle also became reddish and had nothing to do with allergies i believe and was more to do with the chaos gong on in her body . it eventually cleared up

i did not see your dogs weight in your thread . thats how you determine a starting dose . if you can let us know that would be helpful

i would tend to go with the 2 units for the week unless you see substantial diabetic symptoms like thirst and urination as numbers you posted were reasonable at that dose . sometimes higher doses can drive the numbers higher

your dog is going through allot . pancreatitis doesn't go away the next day and could be still around for weeks healing which will affect blood sugar

it took my jesse 6 months where i felt she was on a good path and a year till i felt we were good for the long haul and she lived with the disease 11 years .
your off to a good start taking control and testing sugar at home . its just going to take time for the body to adapt to the new reality of injected insulin so staying calm and patient is key
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