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Default Re: Newly diabetic pug - HELP!

Hi. Almost there! We have managed to get 6 readings from him at 2h intervals - 7am, 9am, 11a, 1pm, 3pm & 5pm. My wife wasn't able to get a 7pm blood sample as he was so fed up of having his ears pricked by then, he bit her!

In any case, it wouldn't have helped any as all of the readings are between 460 and 560. It reached the lowest, 460, around 6h after his morning insulin jab then slowly crept back up.

I'm taking the readings and a urine sample to the vet first thing in the morning (8am here, 2am US Central Time) and I'll be waiting on their call then to tell me what his evening insulin dose should be and hopefully we'll be heading in the right direction and he'll start to feel a bit better. I have noticed a slight decline in him over the past few days or so, so I am pretty desperate to get this turned around as soon as possible. He's a little weak... things like scratching his ears with his back leg - he struggles to manage more than a few weak scratches before giving up whereas before he would sound like a drum beating. I'm terrified of losing him. He's my best friend and comforted me so many times when life has been less than kind to me. If I could only bottle the feeling I get when I'm laying in bed and he comes alongside me for a cuddle.... bliss. I'm never more at peace than those moments.

Thank you so much for responding to me here - I'm very grateful. It's just a relief to have someone to chat about it to. Pugsley is our first ever dog and we never had children so he's kind of become our only child. I'll update you when I hear back from the vet. Thankyou again.
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