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Originally Posted by Riliey and Mo View Post
how much is his amount of food according to his 33 lbs of Nutra chicken?

he might just need a food amount tweek.

you need to feed and inject every 12 hours for regulation.. your feeding every 11 hours. feed 7 and 7 or 6 and 6 okay!!!!

the starting dose for 33 lb is 8.25. he did go low on 7 at one point. the sensors arent that reliable. i.d like you to share and post your curve with the alphatrack meter please

going up .5 to 7 1/2 will lower by approx 50 lowering his 220 below 200 alittle risky.

going up to 8 will lower by 100 so that 220 is now 120..

test test test especially after eats and before you inject insulin. if he is lower than 200 after eating wait , keep testing inject only when hes over 200.

please post some curves and amount of food thefeed guide says for a 33 lb dog
Wow! Thanks for the response!! Im trying to get feeding as close to 12 hrs as i can as he is crazy to eat 1 hr before he is supposed to!! I donít know if i can reduce his food any more as he lost some weight iver the past month; possible food change?? The Vet said 7 dropped him low but that was the Libre which she questioned was working, and then in the same breath said he may not be responding to the Novalin n?? At 7 iu i am seeing a drop but just have been testing for less than a week whenI can get blood! Big thing is iím seeing a big change in his personality and energy. I plan on doing the full glucose curve this weekend. Again thanks for all the advice, glad I found this site!
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