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Default Re: Taste of the Wild linked to heart disease & Alphatrak issues

Originally Posted by Lchow022 View Post
Mochi has been on the rayne clinical kangaroo grain free low fat diet for over a year now and I've been searching for a different low fat food that has no corn starch, corn, barley, soy, tomato, duck and turkey..Mochi is super allergic to all those ingredients and I have yet to find something that doesn't contain a single one of these ingredients.

Even though my vet said the rayne clinical is safer since it is a veterinarian diet i still want to get him off of that food. If you guys know any food without those ingredients and it is low fat please let me know!
I might be left with needing to do home made meals but my vet is against it since a lot of nutrients get left out.
I originally searched and searched for a "better" food when my Jenny was first diagnosed and my vet asked why I was searching so hard when what he was recommending worked. I took a step back and eventually fed her the diabetic dog food for as long as she'd eat it. it worked
Jenny: 6/6/2000 - 11/10/2014 She lived with diabetes and cushings for 3 1/2 years. She was one of a kind and we miss her.
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