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Default Re: New member Ozzie

Thanks for your response!
I will post the last curve when he was at 6 then 61/2...
When I get it...I trust this board intrinsically more than a lot of vets!!
Ozzie metabolizes the insulin rapidly.
He starts at 5:30am in the 400-500 then goes to 345 Four hours post injection
Drops abt 20 more pointsat pre nadir then by 5:30 pm he is back in the 400-500 by 5:30om
And that was at 6 and 1/2..

Will post actual curve tomorrow but we’ve gone up a 1/4
unit and it will change again.

I also can’t get a straight answer whether the freestyle libre Is NOW available in the US for dogs.. that’s the device with the sensor!
That would be amazing.. if it is not here yet I know it is coming soon !

Thanks again!
Ozzie is a 12 year old male West Highland Terrier. Diagnosed April 2018. 20 Lbs. currently on Walmart Relion NPH 6 and 3/4’units BID
With 1 can Hill Glucose Management each feed!
5:30am and 5:30 PM
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