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Actually he was on Humulin N.. the expensive brand from CVS... Now we use Novolin N from Walmart. Maybe that could have been Craig... but it’s been months since then.
His food was a dry kibble and that had a high glycemic index.. but we switched when he bottomed out...
he’s been on Novolin N. Starting at 4 units and slowly moving up to at present 6 3/4.. probably heading to 7.. because he is still in the 400-500’s..
It’s almost like it takes his pancreas 2 weeks to adjust to the tiny increases..
But the Bg still stay in the high 400’s
Food has been the same for 3 months now with 1 can Hill’s Wet
Glucose Management!
1 can each meal. 6 3/4 units!!
Heading to 7units in a few days if bG does not lower...
Going very slowly as not to trigger Somogyi!
Ozzie is a 12 year old male West Highland Terrier. Diagnosed April 2018. 20 Lbs. currently on Walmart Relion NPH 6 and 3/4’units BID
With 1 can Hill Glucose Management each feed!
5:30am and 5:30 PM
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