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Default Vetsulin bubbles?

Does anyone else use Vetsulin? Instructions from manufacturer say to shake it to activate the crystals, then wait til foam disappears. I do, but get tons of fizzy little bubbles in it which I am sure lowers the overall dose my little guy is getting. In a bigger dog might not make a huge difference but Romeo gets 1.5 units so bubbles take a lot. Iíve tried flicking. Ive tried hitting the syringe with a pen. Iíve tried pulling insulin up and down, etc. and bubbles stick to plunger as well, donít know if thatís a flaw in the syringe? Help!
Romeo, toy poodle dx diabetic Feb 2019. Natural Balance L.I.D. Sweet Potato Bison, Whole Life freeze dried turkey snacks. Vetsulin 2.5 units every 12 hrs. Ocu-Glo supplement. Dry eyes: Tacrolimus 1.0 (max dose available) 3x day and Diclofenac drops 2x day, along with Genteel gel lubricant at least 3-4 x/day.
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