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Default Yuki has crossed the bridge Dec 2020

I am new to this forum and I was referred by the K9Cushings Forum. I have a 13-year-old American Eskimo named Yukon. In April 2018, after doing and ACTH stem test he was diagnosed with Cushing's disease. We started him on a very low-dose and Vetoryl and it did not seem to agree with him. We did for their extensive testing through an internal medicine doctor sent to the University of Tennessee and found out that his body was not producing too much cortisol but why is producing three other adrenal hormones. Because of this I ended up putting him on flex hull lignans and melatonin. Things have been going very good the last for 4-5 months with the increase in drinking dropping significantly in the panting as well. I do want to also note that my dog is very complex - he also has allergies, and invertebral disc disease, several bouts of pancreatitis as well as the vet telling me he has inflammatory bowel disease. About six weeks ago he ate a fish up with ham on it and had to have emergency surgery to remove the hook from his small intestine. We thought he was recovering fine, he did get a skin infection at the suture site and had to be put on antibiotics for two weeks. About a week ago I noticed he was starting to have diarrhea and then occasionally vomiting. I brought him to the doctors and they were treating him for a small intestinal inflammation with secondary pancreatitis and had him on metronidazole and Cerenia. He was not getting better after about four days even being on an IV for three days. He is drinking and peeing so much I knew something was wrong so we brought his first morning urine in and found out that he now has diabetes on top of the Cushing's. I have read that having both are very hard to manage. We just started him on insulin and the peeing and drinking of water have not really decreased and he still is very lethargic and you can tell he's not feeling well. I am hoping that someone can please help me to understand what I need to look forward to doing to make him happy and make sure his diabetes and Cushing's can both be regulated. He is my baby and this is very devastating to both myself and my husband. Thank you,
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