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Default Re: Diabetes, Cushings and Pancreatitis in my Dog

I’m so glad to see that you’ve registered here with the k9diabetes folks — I know they’ll be a great help to you! I’ll keep checking in, as well, to see if there are further developments on the Cushing’s front. To quickly summarize that side of things for the members here, I believe it was actually a LDDS test that was positive for Yukon last April at the time he was started on a low dose of Vetoryl. However, since he reacted poorly to the Vetoryl, we worried that perhaps the LDDS result was a “false positive” due to other physical stresses including pancreatitis. When he was retested last May with a full ACTH adrenal panel analyzed at University of Tennesse, his cortisol was at the higher end but within normal range. However, he did exhibit elevations in other adrenal hormones and that prompted the therapy with melatonin and lignans, to which he responded well.

As I’ve written over on K9C, if Yukon’s cortisol has remained within normal range, then I don’t believe the other adrenal elevations pose an issue in terms of complimentary diabetic treatment. I do wonder, however, whether his cortisol may have increased since last spring and is contributing to his problems. If so, ultimately that may end up being a factor that requires control as well. However, it seems that the first priority right now is to try to manage the glucose level, especially since Cushing’s testing could be skewed while the diabetes is uncontrolled. So I believe that’s where things stand right now on the Cushing’s front. And as I say, I’ll keep checking in here to see how things develop.


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