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Default Re: Diabetes, Cushings and Pancreatitis in my Dog

We sent out labwork to the University of Tennessee on 5/29/2018 and Yukon's Post ACTH Result for Cortisol was 13.4ug normal range was 7.1 - 15.1. He was high in Androstenedione ng 6.10 Post ACTH Result and normal range is 0.24 - 2.90, also Estradiol Post ACTH Result 77.9pg and normal range is 23.3 - 69.4, and also 17 OH Progesterone ng Post ACHT Result was 3.03 and Normal Range is 0.25 - 2.63.

Because of this we figured that is why he could not be on the Vetoryl and I started the Lignans and Melatonin to reduce the stress hormones. He has had Chronic Pancreatitis for the last 7 years - started when he ate a prime rib end at a New Year's Eve Party and he has had several flare ups since then.

When he had the fish hook removed about 6 weeks ago the surgeon said his pancreas and liver were enlarged and she took a biopsy of the liver. We sent it out and it came back non-specific inflammation possibly caused by Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Then about 4 weeks later - excessive drinking, peeing, diahrea and some vomiting and now diagnosed with diabetes.
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