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Default Re: Diabetes, Cushings and Pancreatitis in my Dog

Thank you Jesse Girl and Mike Murphy for your responses and insight. I am going to give you all the high numbers in his blood work. On the ProCyte Data his Mono was 1.23 with the normal range between .16 - 1.12 K/ul. On the Chemistry Data (HSZ) his GLU was 486 normal range between 74-143 MG/DL, p02 was 92.6 normal range between 24-54mmHg, cS02 is 97.6 normal range between 40-90%. On the Chemistry Data (ICD) his GLU was 478 MG/DL, and his Liver Enzymes which have been elevated for at least a year are ALT 150 U/L normal range between 10-125 U/L, ALKP is 796 U/L normal range is 23-212 U/L.

What is very strange is that his Pancreas levels are fine. AMYL is 1277 normal range is 500-1500 U/ L and LIPA is 1240 normal range 200-1800 U/L.

He has been eating grass lately as well. What do you recommend using to test his sugar at home? I am going for the test Wednesday to find out more. I wonder if the cushings and diabetes is enlarging his liver and pancreas.
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