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Default Re: Your dog's diet, insulin, and meter used

Dog's name, breed:
Lucky (neutered male), chihuahua

9.9 lb

W/D canned 1/3 can twice daily

Human Lente-type--worked for one week.
Compounded Beef Insulin--just as successful as the human insulin was.
Iletin II Lente (pork Lente)--regulated quickly on 2.5 units (IU) twice daily-product discontinued shortly thereafter.
Iletin II NPH (pork NPH)--used 3.5 units (IU) twice daily for about 2 months. Lucky had intolerances of the NPH suspension and preservatives.
Caninsulin/Vetsulin--regulated quickly on 4 units (IU) twice daily. U40 strength allowed us to "fine-tune" Lucky's great control using pork Lente insulin and make it even tighter.

Number of units per injection and injections per day:
4 units (IU) Caninsulin twice daily, every 12 hours.

Lucky was always professionally tested at least once a week.

Lucky had immune-mediated insulin resistance. His body recognized that the insulin wasn't his own and would react as if it was something harmful to be disposed of, such as a virus. The insulins would be destroyed by his system before they could do much about lowering his bg's. Pork insulin is a 100% amino acid match to canine insulin; when we arrived here, his body no longer destroyed the insulin, since it was just like his.

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