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Originally Posted by Raysaint View Post
Not sure why your vet would say with such certainty that cataracts will develop. My vet told me it's the most common side effect, but in no way did she predict a time frame, or even that it would happen. It's different with every dog.
Both my regular BCI, board certified internist, and the one I will see at the same practice "in a pinch" for simple work, have broached the subject. The latter being a bit more direct.

Also, all the data I have read suggests the same thing. They start to appear around the 6th month of diabetes diagnosis. Yes, that can vary by dog and no, not all dogs will get them just as not all dogs will develop diabetes.

I'd rather have that information upfront so I can both be prepared when it happens and be in a position to try and do something about it, now, if I can.

Knowledge is power, I believe. The whole point of this forum.

The high sugar is what will cause the crystals to form in the eyes causing the cloudy result and loss of vision over time. Keeping those BC levels as close to normal (80 to 120) is key to controlling their formation.

Beyond diet, there are also supplements that can potentially help to delay the onset of cataracts. I'm using the Occuguard capsules mixed in Scooters food each meal plus giving him a Vit. E and Billberry in some cheese twice a day. These antioxidants have been shown to help the eyes maintain good health with the Billberry shown to strengthen the micro capillaries in the eyes.

This board certified veterinarian othamologist describes it fairly well.
Diagnosed 9/15/17. A 17 lb. terrier mutt, 15 years old. My bestest friend. Novolin N 6U, Novolin R 3U, 2X/day. Cesar Classics 3.5 oz. packets w/ 4 tbsps of old fashion Quaker Oats, 2x day. Probiotic every 3 or 4 days. Omega 3, two 300 mg. capsules 1X/day for skin. Occuguard Plus, Billberry, Lutein, Vit E, Vit C every meal for eyes.

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