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Default Re: Out of control barking!

How old is max ? Sometimes as we get older we can get grumpy and defensive . I guess dogs can also . My jesse barks a bit more at dinner time and being a beagle its very loud . I have trained her to speak quiet . She will do it until it doesnt get her point across

Only training may help but for older dogs that becomes more difficult . Me and jesse run into a cattle dog named roxy . constantly barks anytime a dog crosses her path and its been that way for the 8 years me and jesse have run into her . We try to work with roxy because jesse is such a calming dog ( except for rabbits and dinner time ) She has gotten a bit better but being that type of breed they want to heard everything

Terriers can be very aggressive and its in there nature . Maybe you can work with a friends dog that may help to calm max or maybe some professional training would help
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