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Default Re: New and pretty overwhelmed

Jesse girl, I only tested with my meter on the day that we were at the vet's for Winston's diabetes confirmation blood test. I brought my meter along and had them give me a drop of blood so that I didn't have to wait for the test results, which I already suspected would be bad news. I think that taking a blood sample from him would be difficult, but the vet said he could at least show me how to do it when we are over there next.

I just gave Winston his shot today and he jumped but didn't say anything.

MomofGus, I am in California. I will know if the Vetsulin is working at all in a few days, I guess. It's only been less than one week, and I don't know how long it's supposed to take. As I said, he is drinking and peeing somewhat less, but he is still going out at night (but later, and only once) which is not normal.

It's kind of good to know a human meter isn't accurate for dogs, because for me it's always been really accurate (like a few points off), and I was kind of concerned there.
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