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Default Re: Levemir?

Hopefully one last question. Lets use a theoretical injection amount of 10 units twice a day. In an effort to reduce the oscillations in BG, what are the opinions on an injection of 1/2 the chosen quantity (5 units) before the meal (so it has a head start on metabolizing) then the second 5 units a while after the meal as opposed to the full injection of 10 units after the meal? Do this for both meals of the day.

I interpret all this metabolizing of food & insulin as superimposing two wave forms on top of one another so the peak of one influence tends to be counteracted by the trough of the opposing influence (wave form physics). More wave forms means more complexity but I don't see that it would have any negative medical impact.

The only reason I ask is that the last three BG readings have seemed to stabilize somewhat (using 5 units per injection) but are high. Now I want to keep the stabilization and not change the injection amount too much but increase it a bit to reduce the level at which BG stabilization has occurred. I use the term "stabilized" with a bit of hopefulness perhaps.
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