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Default Re: Help for Romeo

I thought I had posted last night but evidently did not save it. Iím giving him half his old L.I.D. dog food (sweet potato and bison) and half high protein food to ease him back into the old food. I already see the nadir is not hitting in two hours like it has been, though havenít really figured out when it is hitting. I know one day isnít enough to tell anything so will stay the course this week and see how it goes. Yesterday he was still in high 400s low 500 afternoon and evening. We shall see. But thank you so much for the support. Iím exasperated to say the least. One positive: he does seem more playful and energetic, which means to me he is feeling better. Thanks to you! Really ticked off that none of the two vets and vet internist could have given me a clue about the high protein food. I showed all of them the bag, nary a word. Losing weight? Just feed him more...but he wonít eat ďmore,Ē and obviously more of the same was not what he needed at all.
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