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Default Non-repeating BG numbers

Hansel is a 10 y.o., 18# Miniature Schnauzer diagnosed 2 years ago. Currently on 10 units Vetsulin 2x/day, feeding Blue Buffalo Lamb or Chicken 2x/day. Problem is poor regulation and non-repeating bg numbers. Example - 6/20/20 begin 6a, end 6p, numbers went 627, 271,198,224,247,460. then 7/6/20 - 321,140,187, then 7/7/20 - 247,137,265 yet today 586 morn, 499 evening. Crazy numbers - aware of Somogyi effect but donít see that pattern in these numbers. Changed meter, fresh strips, presumably good insulin. Could I be injecting in fat or some other error? Advice? Thanks in advance.
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