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Default Re: Non-repeating BG numbers

Im kinda new here but i just recently got my dog regulated so ill toss in some stuff i know from here after scanning it through the thousands. I just wanted to ask you if you mean by poor regulation throughout the years or was it just recent for the BG fluctuations. If its recent try to remember if you had any routine change or if he has some kind of infection. Also people here mention that alot dogs change in insulin dosages over time as they get older so this could be one of those problems. My dog had similar numbers back a month and a half ago and after i ruled out infection i increase his dosage till i found a 80-100 nadir then i tweaked around with his food to balance it off. I found out that carbs played an important role in keeping the numbers level throughout the day but you might have to test it out patiently. im currently feeding my dog a homemade over dry food so i cant help on the diet there. Also is he showing symtoms of his diabetes such as drinking alot and urinating for example would be good information for us to go on.

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