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Default Re: Non-repeating BG numbers

Based on your numbers it appears you don't have somogyi as you have to reach the 70 point threshold for the body to release enough sugar to put the dog into persistently high values which last for 12-48 hours. This was my experience with somogyi as I experienced this early on from giving too much insulin. For starters, do you have another meter on hand to compare values just to rule out the meter?

If you've had your dog regulated for 2 years and are seeing some kind of change, your dog maybe experiencing something else that could be driving this spike. It might be worth taking your dog to a vet and have a CBC blood test and Urine analysis done just to make sure he is systemically ok as it will catch pretty much most everything including a infection. If thats fine than perhaps something with the food or insulin. I know I saw a 150 point rise in my dog due to stress from fireworks recently using the libre, where I saw this prominent spike on the data but then it came down after a few hours. But your doing the right thing in repeating the bg curve. Good luck.
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