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Default Re: Non-repeating BG numbers

Reply - we did buy new meter and it does favorably compare to older one. His regulation over the past two years has varied, sometimes within the 250-300 range and other times spiking although food intake is at the same times and amounts. The actual food brand, as suggested, is of interest and we will be seeing the vet this week. We added three bg curves to our album HANSEL’S BG CURVES but can’t figure out how to display here.(click on our profile, BONTEMP for curves)
Yesterday (7/12/20) readings beginning at 6a(fed/shot)=349, 8a=180, 10a=188, 12p=246, 3:30p=302, 4:30p (fed/shot)=260; yet this morning we start with 6a=510?

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