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Default Re: Non-repeating BG numbers

bontemp, the shape of the numbers looks kinda like the bowl type curve, same as my dog. So it's good to know the insulin is working and is creating somewhat of a consistent pattern.

As for the non-repeating and different fastings, that's my dog all over. Diabetes can be like that for some dogs, and some humans (me included.) Can I explain it? No, diabetes has too many variables and the body is too complex to figure it out sometimes.

If I look at my tracking sheets, where I record my dog's every morning's fasting, not a lot of consistency, but at least most of the fastings are within the "good" range.
I asterisk the fastings I don't like (higher than normal), and they are probably 20% of the days within each month.
I've just accepted that is how it will be. And as long as he isn't showing any clinical signs, and is healthy, that's a victory for me. My vet agrees.
Riley, 8 yr. old maltipoo, 25 lbs., diagnosed Feb 2017, taking thyroid meds, had pancreatitis and DKA mid March, eating Wellness Senior formula can food. NPH dosage now at 9.0 units Humulin N. Adding either pumpkin, spinach, blueberries, yams, or green beans to his food. Also omega-3 oil.
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