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Default Bart from Holland

Hello, my name is Annemieke and I live in the Netherlands with my husband and our dog Bart (small Münsterlander 21 kg day of day of birth 7-28-2011). I am very glad I found this forum, because it helped me with so many questions and solutions. I couldn’t find a Dutch forum. Bart is diagnosed with diabetes 1 oktober 2019. So several months now. It began that we noticed that he was peeing long times, he held his hind leg so long up a tree, we thought he could work in a circus. After three weeks, we brought a morning urine sample at the vet. One hour later she rang and told as to come with the dog. She took a blood sample and his BG was 24.7 mmol / 445 mg. The vet asked what we wanted to do, immediately we respond: “We want to tread him of course”. So she injected 11 units vetsulin and told us to do so ones a day. We had to come after three days 7 hours after morning meal and injecting 11 units. The vet took his BG, it was 3.6 / 64.8 (she took his BG by drawing blood with a syringe from his paw) it was too low, so we were going to give him two injections a day. Two times 5 units. We tried several times to take a blood drop at home in his ear, but did not to succeed in getting a big enough drop. After 5 days we went again to measure his BG. The vet did an example by picking his ear with a big needle in the hand. He gave a yell. Yes, that was a big enough drop, but I knew I couldn’t do that do my dog. The BG was 13 / 234. We went up from 5 to 5.5 twice a day. We always had given him dry food, after the diagnose we changed to Royal Canin Diet Diabetic. Low in carbohydrates, high in fibre. Before he became ill he weight 23.5 kg. At the diagnose 21.8.
He was losing weight while we were treading him, so we had to give more dry food. Giving more food meant giving more insulin. We went from 6 to 6.5 to 7 up to 7.5. Still it was difficult to hold him on weight. Went to 19.9 kg. He looked not all right. He was skinny, but when he had eaten his big bowl of dry food his stomach/chest would blow up. He felt not good after eating such much food. Lying lethargic on his bed, not wanting to go out and under his mouth in his bed it became a wet spot. Injecting him was difficult because there was not a loose skin to pick after eating because he was so blown up.
Then searching the internet I found the Freestyle sensor op YouTube, we ordered two sensors and the reader. On 15 november we received the sensor and put it ourselves on the dog. Now we could measure his Bg every minute if we want to. Discovered that after meals he staid high for more than three hours. That why he’s feeling bad. Now we looked for other food. Reading a lot on your forum, we see you all cook yourself. Also reading on internet that dogs don’t need carbohydrates at all. Under supervision of the sensor we changed to raw meat. We buy it at the pet store. It’s called Raw for Dogs, comes in sausages and contains no carbohydrate, 10 % vegetables
Now he does very well. After meals and insulin his Bg does rise, but descends more quickly. After his 12.00 meal he does not rise at all. He eats 3 times a day 200 gram (8.30 am – 12.00 am – 19.30 pm) at 12.00 he gets 10 gram dry diabetic food and at 22.30 again 10 gram to catch the nadir. Gained weight. Has a nice shiny fur. Went down with Insulin. In the morning 6.5 and in the evening 6.

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