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Default Re: New to this forum

The lancet divice is set on the highest number 5. I tried to register some weeks ago, but didn't succeed. Now I filled in Mike Murphy as contact. So Mike I hope you don't mind. I read a lot of your story. I red many of your story's and find you are doing great things. Reading how many years your dogs have diabetics. It gives me hope for our dog. We overcame the first few months with a lot of stress. Like pooking the dog, high numbers and in march he developed an infection in his mouth. There was an broken tooth in the back. The vet referred as to another vet specialised in teeth. She had equipment to fotografh teeth. It was in the beginning of Covid 19. We only first had an appointment for looking. And we would make an appointment then for the treatment. But she said: because he his diabetic I want to treat him immediately and I don't know if I have the respiratory machine next week. Some vets had to deliver there machine to the hospitals. The Netherlands were hadding to a shortage on the IC. She removed 7 teeth and filled one. She took his BG twice 153 and 156.
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