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Default Re: New to this forum

Thanks Jesse, I'll try your suggestions about the lip. I would want you all to look at Bart's diet and tell your thoughts about that. You have so much experience. The vet is not very helpfull. All do to her training I think. She just does what the vetbook says. And that says dry diabetic food.

We buy sausages called Raw4dogs. ( There are about 6 or 7 flavours. This is the chicken.

Kip (88%) (chicken)
- bevleesde kippenrug, kippenmaag, kippenhart -
Groentemix (10%) (mix of vegetables)
- bloemkool, wortel, spinazie - (cauliflower carrot spinach)
Zeewier (1%)
Zalmolie (1%)
Vitaminen en mineralen mix, cranberry (0,01%)

166 ME (kcal/100g)

Eiwit 14 % (protein)
Vetgehalte 12% (fat)
Ruwe celstof 0.8%
Ruwe as 2.8%
Calcium 0.7 %
Fosfor 0.4 %
Vocht 70 % (moisture)
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