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Yeah you are right about the diet part where vets don't know much about it besides "buy this dry dog food". If your pet cant eat said dry food and the vet really doesn't have an answer, it is scary for a diabetic pet owner that is pretty much blind to the situation also.

For my BG testing on Cloud i usually use his front leg callus that he has on the joint areas where he lays down on a lot and just massage it a bit to get some blood flow and prick him with the highest level penetration setting. Since its a callus it seems he doesn't feel anything and hes gotten use to laying down for about a minute to get this done for now. Since hes a 70 pound dog and he has gotten use of his hind legs again hes more squirmy lately just because he can be lol.

Totally understand your stress when you see high numbers. I had this problem for a month and i blew threw boxes of test strips because every 2 hours i hoped it would look good. Thank fully my dog has regulated now and im actually having to reduce some insulin since his body is getting use to the diet and insulin. Things will look better once you get the hang of tweaking things on the fly. Hang in there yall will make it through and life will go back to a norm.
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