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I like to know how you are handling the following: I understand you measure the amounts of units of insulin by the nadir. I give him 6.5 units, then Bart has a nadir of 104 (5.8). But if I catch the nadir with some carbohydrates, than the nadir flattens. The blood glucose stays more stable. The nadir is than 217 (12.1). He is hours on that level. Is the better way to give some carbo's to catch the nadir and than give more insulin? Or don't give the carbo's and get the lower nadir?
Bart is a Small Münsterlander, born 07-2011, 21 kg
Diabetes: okt 2019 Insulin: Vetsulin morning 6.5 and evening 6 units
Meter: Freestyle reader and Accucheck
Diet: Raw meat with 25% vegetables

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