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Hi Natalie,
Because of downsizing the image (so I can post it here) it gets hard to read.
On the left side it starts at midnight. Above the graphic are every two hours noted. In november he eats twice a day (special diabetic dry food)at 8.00 (with insulin) am and 20.00 pm (with insulin). You can count the grey hours above. Starting 0.00 - 2.00 - 4.00 -6.00 -8.00 -10.00 etc. The curve ends again at 0.00 at midnight. The graphics from november 2019 where not satifying. He was already rising his BG hours before eating. After eating his BG were high (against the top line) The nadir was oke.
We were happy with the graphics of july 2020. There you see a flattend curve. Then he eats (Raw diet) at 8.30 am (with insulin) - 12.00 (no insulin) - 19.30 (with Insulin) He eats three meals thesame amount of food.
Bart is a Small Münsterlander, born 07-2011, 21 kg
Diabetes: okt 2019 Insulin: Vetsulin morning 6.5 and evening 6 units
Meter: Freestyle reader and Accucheck
Diet: Raw meat with 25% vegetables
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