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Default Re: Diabetes and blindness

Hello! Welcome to the group!

My little Pippi was diagnosed with diabetes 1 year and 6 months ago when she was 10 years old. So far, she can still see really well and doesn't seem to have cataracts. Her eyes look a little bluish, but I think this is something called "nuclear sclerosis" that all older dogs have when they reach a certain age.

In low light, I can see the reflection of her Tapetum Lucidum (the reflective lining behind the retina). The glow in her eyes looks either green or red. Thatís why I donít think she has cataracts Ė because the light is reflecting back to the retina. She has no problem seeing in the dark, and she can see the rabbits on our walks before I do. LOL.

When Pippi was first diagnosed, and I first read that 75% of diabetic dogs go blind within 6 to 9 months of diagnosis, I was scared to death that she was going to go blind. I still worry about it, but so far, so good.

As the others have mentioned, the key to lower the chances of your dog going blind is to get him regulated so that the blood glucose levels stay within the 250 to 100 range most of the time. So you need a dogfood that will work well with the insulin you use. It is important to use a glucometer so that you can check your dogís blood glucose levels frequently to make sure everything is going o.k. Iím very diligent about this. It is also good to exercise your dog at basically the same time every day.

Do you use a glucometer? Have you done any blood glucose curves on Ozzy to make sure his bg levels are in a good range?

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