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Default Angel Kobe...

Hello, I am new to this forum but have been reading many of the post and have giving me hope for my fur baby.
Name: Kobe Jr.
Breed: Husky/Chihuahua mix
Weight: 40 lbs

On Sunday 11/8/2020 he was eating normal (he loves food) but we noticed he was drinking a lot of water, we have 5 fur babies and is hard to keep track when they all go drink water at the same time. For the next coupled of days he vomited just water 2 times, I called to make appointment with vet. The appointment was set for Saturday 11/14/2020 by then Kobe Jr. was eating very little and he seemed more tired and lethargic. We were told that he has diabetes and that he had DKA, he had to stay in the hospital to get his sugar level under control because it was 530. We were able to visit and he did not seem to get better, he stopped eating. The vet seemed confused as to why he wasn't eating said that all the test were fine they did an ultrasound but that he was displaying signs of pancreatitis. Monday night 11/16/2020 we took him to a critical care specialist hospital, pancreatitis was confirmed and he had to stay there a few day. After a day and half they had to feed through NG tube because he was still refusing to eat. We could not visit and the only thing we could do is wait and keep paying $$$. On Saturday we were told that he was still not interested in eating on his own but everything else was fine and they thought he would be more comfortable at home and he might eat with us. They prescribed meds for vomiting, diarrhea, antibiotics, appetite enticer and insulin (Novolin 18 units, twice a day if he ate a full meal, lower dosage to 12 units if he ate little to none). We were told to take him back if he did not eat by Monday. Saturday and Sunday he did not want to eat, I tried many different foods and nothing interest him, I blended the food to give him and it was a struggled for him to eat some and them he would vomit. We took him back Monday 11/23/2020. The situation is the same he is just not interested in food whatsoever, the sugar level is controlled, all his organs are fine, he is getting fed through the NG tube and he has not vomit, does not have diarrhea. Today I was told that he needs to stay there longer hat the only thing we could do is wait they will continue to provide different foods to see if he is willing to eat, ideally that want to release until he is eating on his own. Please help, I don't know what to do a part of me wants to take him home and take care of him and the other part wants to let him stay and wait but with no conclusive time frame I don't know how long he will go with eating.
Thank you in advance for your responses.
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