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Default Re: DKA, Diabetes and Pancreatitis - Won't Eat

Welcome the the family. Sorry bout all the stuff that hit your dog in one go, it can seem overwhelming. As for the feeding part mine started having a small problem not wanting to eat for a bit but he slowly started eating again once i got him stable. It just seems my dog was in a low mood but he slowly picked back up and forced himself to eat when he was starving. The bad thing about that was we need food to go along with the insulin. I feed mine a homemade meal so it was more enticing to him im guessing because he refused to eat the kibbles and i bought like 4 different kinds.Also my dog was on alot of meds during the beginning and it seems to have caused a few nausea problems so he was actually a different dog during those times till i cut it out and he reverted back to normal so medication could be a factor. Other than that all i can say is feed him on a schedule and just get him to eat as much as possible and try not to be too distressed around him because the vibe does carry over to our pets causing more stress on both parties. Oh by the way mine didnt like eating for over a week and he slowly started eating more and more till now. Its not enough and hes screaming at me for more lol.

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