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Default Re: DKA, Diabetes and Pancreatitis - Won't Eat

Thank you for the response. We picked up Kobe Jr. yesterday from the hospital because I had a feeling that staff at the hospital were not being truthful about his recovery. I was told he was stable, glucose under control and all organs good, the only problem was the eating. Kobe Jr. walked in on his own Monday that we dropped him off, he would go for short walks, now he cannot stand on his own and can only stay up no more than a minute or two. His back let is swollen and he is breathing heavy and his stomach contracts a lot when he breathes. I called the hospital and was told that they notice his breathing a little heavy a couple of hours before I picked up but that I should take him back if I am concerned. Today I gave him half his dose of insulin and he is resting but unresponsive. Any advice? I worry about the quality of life.

Thank you.
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