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Default Re: Quality of life for a sick dog

My Yukie was Blind and had Cushings Disease as well. We made the decision to put him down on December 2nd, but it wasn't because of the Diabetes, it was because of cancer in his mouth.

We would go through bouts of him not wanting to eat and I would add chicken and bone broth to his food. Try sodium free bone broth, it really did help Yukon for a long time. I would put it in his regular dog food and heat it up a little to soften the food.

How is your dogs blood sugar? Is it under control?
15 yr old, Atypical Cushings, Pancreatitis, Allergies. 11.5u Vetsulin 2x a day. Royal Canin Glycobalance 1 cup 2x Day with 3 teaspoons boiled chicken and chicken bone broth. Snacks Green Beans. Tylan Powder, Purina Fortiflora, Flax Hull Lignans 35mg 1x day.
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