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Default Re: Pippi's Story

Its nice to see the process on figuring out K9 diabetes and like you and Pippi some of it is luck that drops into your lap . In general it appears the blue buffalo high protein diets are not that good for diabetics not producing sugar fast enough to work with injected insulin creating big swings in sugar and an imbalance between sugar and insulin . Its funny at least for diabetics high end foods can be problematic . You have done a wonderful job with Pippi . Jesse has kept her sight the 10 .5 years being diabetic but old age is catching up with her senses with almost being 16 . It does show if your willing to do a bit of work and its not really that big a deal a diabetic dog can have a normal happy dogs life with some limitations .

Well done and hope to see continued success for you 2
Jesse-26 lbs - 16.5 years old ,11 years diabetic, one meal a day homemade and a vitabone snack . 3 shots of Novolin( under the Relion name ) a day . Total insulin for a 24 hour period is 6.5 units of NPH insulin .
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