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Default Re: Pippi's Story

Thanks for your kind words, Jessie Girl!

It sure has been a journey and a lot of work in trying to figure things out, but we seem to have a handle on it, now! I sometimes get sad about the “limitations” part. When I go ride my horse, now, I hate to leave Pippi behind as I worry about her blood glucose going too low because she loves to run so much. But always when I return, I make sure I take Pippi for her fun time in the afternoons. Sweet little thing. She is such a joyful, happy little dog and has no idea that anything is wrong with her. She looks so healthy that I can sometimes almost forget. But her diabetes is always in the back of my mind. Even so, I know that she is a very lucky little dog. She has the best life and enjoys every minute of it. I’m so grateful that she is mine!

I just recently joined this group, but have been reading posts from this forum for several months. I’ve learned so much here! I learned a lot from reading your posts and was encouraged that your Jessie still had her sight after many years with diabetes. I’ve also seen posts from other members who’s dogs have not gone blind. It gave me hope. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but today, Pippi chased the rabbits.
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