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Default Re: Pippi's Story

Pippi had been regulated well on her Novalin N insulin 4x a day injections since February. She did have some 300s and a 400 here and there, but for the most part, was in the 200s and 100s throughout the day until about 2 months ago when I changed her insulin bottle.

I always write down the date I open and start using the bottle. I had used the bottle that she was well regulated on for 3 months from April to the end of July. I know that seems like a long time to use a bottle, but I test her every day and her bg levels were good most of the time. It did seem to start losing its potency a bit, so I changed to a different bottle on 7/25.

Once I did this, however, I havenít been able to get her bg adjusted correctly. The new bottle seemed a lot more potent and she seemed to be going low in the afternoons. If I didnít catch it in time and give her a carb treat, I think she was having Somogyi overswings. I usually feed her around 8 a.m. But in the afternoons, Iíd notice that she was sometimes already in the 300s or 400s by 6 p.m. and Iíd have to go ahead and feed her so I could give her insulin.

I feel that they might be Somogyi overswings, because if I walked her to get the bg down, she wouldnít come down, just kept going up.

In the mornings, sheíd be high and after feeding her, Iíd have to run her around the block to get her bg down. Sometimes, I have to run her around the block 2 or 3 times a day to keep it down. I thought after using this bottle for a while, it might mellow out, but it hasnít.

Now, things are worse, not better. In the past several days, sheís been in the high 400s and into the 500s which is totally abnormal. The last time she was in the 500s was in February when I had her on the Blue Buffalo.

Since I got her back regulated to the Purina One/Ol Roy at the end of February, I havenít changed her food and sheíd been doing good. I weigh it every day, so it is the same amount.

I just changed the bottle again on 9/20. At first, I thought she might be doing well as her numbers were good yesterday. But this morning at 7:30 am, she was 538 on the PetTest Glucometer and 452 on the Relion Glucometer, which reads about 85 points off the PetTest as it is a human one. I fed her, gave her 4 units insulin, waited 1 hr., then walked her around the block.

Right now, she is 178 on the relion at 10:00 a.m. I only have 1 more PetTest test strip as I am waiting for more in the mail, so I didnít test her with that one again. But since it seems to read about 85 points higher, she probably would read around 263 on the PetTest.

So here we go again. She is down to almost normal range now, but I know something is off as I have to run her around the block so much.

She can still see really well and Iím so scared she is going to go blind if this keeps up. I donít know what to do. Has anyone experienced what Iím going through? Could it be that I need to up her insulin?
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