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So far my vet has tested blood sugar after injections 3 times and there’s another coming up in approximately 2 weeks.
The 4 units two times daily got Earl eating and drinking much more normal but an increase to 5 units twice daily brought level down to 150.

The vet goal was to get glucose stable then address diet.

I’m using the brown rice,chicken and cauliflower diet now and am adding salmon.

I have problems with one of my hands due to accident and I have a hard time making a tent,holding Earl and the injection by myself or using one hand only.
I have had to get another person to inject while I hold Earl mostly.
I have successfully injected Earl 5-6 times by using a clip to make a tent but it’s not always reliable.It seems making a good tent is a key to successful injection.
The weather makes it more difficult to try to find materials that could possibly work to help make a tent for injections.
The vet tech said they’d see if there are other ways to inject and the vet said there might be an ear transdermal rub on but if there was I think pet owners wouldn’t be using a syringe.
So for now I have to drive Earl to another place after each meal,get him injected and then return home.
I have looked for other ways to inject and the only thing I found that looked like it may be a consistent way is still in testing phase.
If there is any different ways to get the insulin delivery please post.

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