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Default Re: New member looking for advice

Hi everyone, just had a couple more questions that you may be able to answer. Bella had her eye doctor visit, and sadly she has glaucoma in one eye and mature cataract in the other. We likely won't do surgery, especially if we can't get her diabetes stabilized. We'll do another curve tomorrow and I'll post here.

One thing I've noticed, and pretty sure it's consistent, is that her blood glucose curves go way up every time we open a new vial of Vetsulin. And her curves are best when drawing up the last bit towards the end of a vial. Also for example, yesterday after injecting the last of the old vial she was playful, and drank way less water all day. Today with the injection from a new vial she has refused to move all day and has drank literally 4x as much water as yesterday!

Any idea why this could be? The instructions say to shake until it's milky, and to let any foam on top subside. However I've noticed that with new bottles especially the foam doesn't subside for days. Could this have something to do with effectiveness? Also, should we be injecting air (the same amount to be withdrawn) into the vial every time?

Anything else you can think of that could cause vial to vial inconsistency? Should we consider switching insulin, and if so which one would be the closest to Vetsulin?

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