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Hi all, just another update. No new curves yet, but Bella had an ultrasound and internist consultation today. It seems she has some unknown lump in there that's likely causing the diabetes and/or affecting regulation. The internist said it's likely either a cyst affecting the pancreas and therefore messing with insulin production, or a tumor from a leftover ovary piece messing with hormones. He said a CAT scan may be more definitive, and necessary to consider surgery. He also said in his opinion it's more likely a cyst which could be fairly easily drained, but could cause complications if that's not what it is and/or causes bleeding.

After talking it over, it seems the best plan may be to continue as we have been addressing the diabetes, as long as she's not having high numbers all the time, and not losing weight. He suggested we do another ultrasound in a few weeks and/or if she begins to have further issues, and at that point attempting to drain the cyst might be a good idea.

As I told him, Bella is seemingly doing better the past week or so. She's for sure drinking less, has good energy, and is eating great. I've done a few bg checks in the afternoon and they've been in the high 300's. She weighed in today at 37.6lbs, so doesn't seem to be losing weight, and I've actually been feeding her a little less as was suggested here (800 calories/day vs 1200 before). I mentioned that she had a couple weeks where she seemed to regress with higher numbers and more water drinking, and he said that could likely be due to the eye infection/inflammation.

Her right eye is looking better, still red but reduced in size, and the left eye looks almost back to normal. She has a follow up with the ophthalmologist next week.

Would love to hear what you think, you've been very helpful so far, and while this new info may throw a wrench into it all in a way, it also sounds like confirmation that treating the diabetes is the best course of action, and that in doing so we're making progress in Bella's overall health.

Thanks as always!

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